11 Aug 2016

How Indian Government can boost up the Urbanisation & Real Estate in India

In India Urbanization is the solution for several problems. Urbanization not only gives better life style but also gives better security, better standard of hygiene & better environment for kids to grow & study.  As Indian Government is planing to construct almost 50 new cities in India, this will give Indian families some good chance to get  a Home in an appropriate Urban City. 

Considering the fact that in future there will be a boost in Indian Economy because of the Foreign Investment through different Countries, it will be a good opportunity for

10 Aug 2016

How Technology is changing the way of buying Property in India

Around two decades back when people didn't had any portable devices through which they can easily access the Internet while walking on the road, or in a cafe, that was the time when Real Estate was no where as a popular part of E commerce in India. But after the innovative inventions & the boost of technology through different Indian & foreign companies for the portable devices which provided access to the Internet made things easier & affordable to the Indian consumers. Now several Real Estate Advisory Companies are marketing the Projects & Inventories on their Website over the Internet so that the buyers could get to know about it.

6 Aug 2016

Brokers vs Real Estate Advisory Companies

The term Broker in Real Estate means the person who helps civilians to find a Property for which they are looking to buy. These Brokers are very professional in their work that is why they earn good amount of money in a form of 'Brokerage Charge'. But the Real Estate advisory Companies act differently in this case these companies are focusing on those properties only which are in the reach of higher Middle Class Families or Business Class Families. Brokers are the older players in this Real Estates Game so they are dominating in the Rental Properties, Plots, Resale properties & Commercials properties as well. On the other side most of the Real Estate Advisory Companies are limited to Primary Properties & big residential projects, because of which very limited buyers & investors are interest to go with them.